With a strong history in introductory care, we know the importance of getting to know our clients and carers personally. Whether you choose a live-in or visiting carer, the team at Fitzrovia Personal Homecare focus on ensuring peace of mind, dignity and discretion at all times.


Fitzrovia Personal Homecare is the culmination of the over 30 years’ experience Eva Waymouth and Nicola Ward have gained in the care sector. Their great wealth of knowledge has given them the platform to create an introductory care agency that delivers a carefully tailored service to their exacting clients. Having previously worked in businesses that focus on introducing live in and visiting care they are expert in knowing and understanding their clients’ needs and how to find them the perfect carer. Their reputation is such that the majority of clients come to them via word of mouth and direct recommendations from Hospitals and GP’s. They resolutely believe their clients develop a greater level of independence, happiness and longevity because of the one to one care they receive from their carer.

EVA WAYMOUTHBusiness Manager
I had the good fortune to enter the care industry 15 years ago when I was employed and mentored by an extraordinary woman, the late Patricia White. My first role within her agency was as the Accounts Manager during which time I learned all that it entails running and managing a prestigious care agency. Soon after she passed away I put all that knowledge and skill to the test as the new Business Manager.

I continue to bring that passion and drive to Fitzrovia Personal Homecare as I truly believe that we can bring independence, comfort, reassurance and practical support to the many lives that we are fortunate enough to be part of.

NICKY WARDOperations Director
I travelled to the UK from New Zealand in 1996, having completed a BHSc (Physiotherapy) to work as a physiotherapist within the NHS. Patricia White asked me to join her team and I became the manager of Patricia White’s Personal Home Care within a short period of time. I learnt a lot from this remarkable woman and have since worked for a number of specialist live in care businesses.

I have been lucky enough to have been employed by leaders in the care industry which has enabled me to become Operations Director for Berkley Home Health Ltd. and Fitzrovia Personal Homecare Limited.

How a carer can support you

There are many reasons for needing a carer and all are just as important. Whether it is for companionship and reassurance; personal care and general household support; convalescence following an operation; respite care, you or your family member may like to have a well deserved break; so that you can stay together as a couple; or because you would like to fulfill a dream of going on holiday again, we will have the perfect carer who will support you.

If your needs are greater, the carers are very experienced with many age related illnesses, including:

Dementia, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, Palliative Care, Macular Degeneration

Peace of mind comes as standard with Fitzrovia Personal Homecare

As an Introduction agency the bespoke service we offer you is that of selecting and introducing a suitable and experienced self-employed carer who we have thoroughly vetted, taking the hard work away from you. Once they have completed our very thorough registration process, we verify their training; ensure they have a current DBS; apply for two professional references and learn about their personality and vocation to do care work. Only then can we select and match the right carer for you.

This type of personal service offers you control as to who supports you within your own home and ensures you are involved at all times. It gives you the freedom to decide, with the carer, how you wish to be supported and when. Your carer will then help you live the independent life you want to continue to lead, at home.

Whether you choose a live-in or visiting carer, Fitzrovia Personal Homecare carers ensure peace of mind, dignity and respect at all times.

We know the importance of getting to know our clients and carers personally ensuring that we can make the right match between the requirements of the client and the skills and personality of the carer. We understand that it’s the little details that make a big difference to quality of life and wellbeing. Listening closely to your individual needs also means we only introduce select carers to match your specific requirements.

When you first contact us we will listen carefully to your reasons for needing a carer, talk you through the service we offer as an introductory agency and guide you through the process of choosing whether a live-in or visiting carer would be most suitable for you, depending on your needs and where you live.

Our promise to you is to:

  • Introduce an experienced and compassionate carer

  • A carer can commence on your terms

  • Always available when you need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

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