Covid-19: a statement from Fitzrovia Personal Homecare

Many weeks have passed since the start of the lockdown journey we have all traveled together. During this time our stoical clients, amazing carers and determined office team have had time to adjust to a different way of living, caring and working.

We can proudly say that our clients have coped incredibly well, showing us they belong to a generation who know how to face adversity, despite not being able to see or visit their families; our conscientious carers have worked industriously to ensure their clients and their homes remain a safe environment in which to live.  Finally, Megan, myself and the accounts team, have worked tirelessly to ensure the continued smooth running of Fitzrovia, whilst working from home.

We have followed the Government guidelines and been supported by the sterling efforts of the United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) whose weekly webinars have kept us abreast of the current impact and measures to implement within home care.  Fitzrovia homecare continues to keep the carers and clients informed of any relevant updates.

Now that the lockdown is beginning to ease this does not mean that the carers are any less vigilant and are continuing to maintain best-practice with infection control, PPE and social distancing.

We can confirm the good news that care at home has statistically been proven to be the safest and most sustainable throughout this difficult time.

In view of the above, we will continue to

  • Inform the carers of best practice for infection control and Government guidelines PPE
  • Follow Government guidelines on testing, should the carer show any symptoms or indeed their client we will advise them on the current process for testing
  • Encourage friends and family who visit our client to social distance and follow hand hygiene regulations
  • Support new clients as we have carers who have been ensuring that they stay safe and well
  • Review the Government guidelines to ensure we, the carers and clients are kept up to date with any changes.

We are here to help, whether it be for new or current clients and our carers we would like to reassure you that we can continue to support you in the best way possible within the security and safe environment of your home.

Stay safe and well,

Eva Waymouth, Business Manager,

Megan Livey, Senior Care-Coordinator.

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